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Air Amplifier Applications


As the name implies, the classic application for a Protech Air Amplifier is one that requires a higher pressure for some process, than is available from the plant’s air supply. However, these applications are not restricted to compressed air as the “Amplifying” affect can apply to any inert gas where the drive gas is the same type as the process requires albeit at a higher pressure.

This amplifying process is also known as “Bootstrapping” and differs from Gas Boosting where a different type of gas is used to drive the Booster than that being used in the higher pressure process.

ProTech air driven air amplifiers are, in essence, Protech air driven gas boosters but designed solely for use with identical drive and process gases. The mechanical difference lies in the use of mechanical and sealed separation (sealing) between the drive gas and the gas to be boosted in air driven gas boosters. This sealed separation, standard in all gas boosters, insures that the drive gas will not contaminate the process gas to be boosted. With air amplifiers, no such need exists, for obvious reasons.

Particularly in large plants, the plant (reticulated) compressed air supply struggles to maintain much more than 75-80 psig (520-550 kPag) (5-5.5 barg) although able to supply the air in large quantities. These situations provide the many applications for Protech air driven air amplifiers where various processes require a supply of compressed air at higher pressures than the plant air system can supply.

The most common requirement is a simple 2:1 ratio amplification, whereby, for example, a plant air pressure system of 70 psig can be amplified to 140 psig. Protech have air driven air amplifiers with various ratios up to 15:1. Care must be taken when amplifying plant air. Amplification is a form of gas compression which causes a build-up of heat. Hot plant air can hold large amounts of moisture which can condensate as it cools. The higher the compression ratio the bigger the problem. Contact Protech Pumps for assistance in this area.


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