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Liquid Pump Applications

Applications for ProTech Air Driven Liquid Pumps

First and foremost, it is paramount to consider the inherent advantages of Protech air driven liquid pumps. These are:

  • No requirement for electricity and can be driven by any inert gas.
  • Can be stalled and started on full load indefinitely without heat build-up or power usage.
  • Stay cool when working hard due to drive air expansion at the exhaust.

These advantages make Protech air driven liquid pumps excellent Pressure Test Pumps in that they can sustain high pressures indefinitely.

Models fitted with liquid end pistons, rather than plungers, can efficiently pump gaseous liquids (Giquids) such as refrigerant and fire-fighting media and can achieve a high level of vacuum (negative) pressure.

Plunger models can achieve and hold very high liquid (hydraulic) pressures.

Industries that have Pressure Testing Applications:

  • Diving Industry with requirements for certifying Divers’ Air Bottles and equipment.
  • LPG/CNG Industry with requirements for certifying storage bottles, tanks and associated equipment.
  • Fire Fighting Industry with requirements to certify extinguishers and associated equipment.
  • Industrial Gas Manufacturers and Suppliers with requirements to certify gas storage bottles, tanks and associated pipework and equipment.
  • Manufacturers of Pressure Vessels that require certification and testing.
  • Installers of Oil and Gas Pipelines that require testing and certification prior to use.
  • Manufacturers of Tubes, Pipes and Fittings.
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hydraulic (and other types) Hoses.
  • Defence Industries

Industries that have Fluid Transfer Applications:

  • Fire Fighting Industry with the filling of extinguishers with CO2.
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry with the evacuating and re-filling of refrigerant systems.
  • Defence Industries.

Other Applications:

  • Fluid Power applications where a non-electric high pressure hydraulic source is required.
  • High and very high applications for hydraulic and isostatic presses.
  • Off-shore Oil and Gas Platforms for an emergency non-electric high pressure hydraulic source is required.
  • To pump fluids in Hazardous Areas.
  • To pump Hazardous Fluids.
  • For supplying hydraulic pressure for many kinds of in-field jacking applications.
  • Supplying Dust Suppressant Fluids in Open and Underground Mining
  • As Chemical Injection Pumps for Upstream Oil and Gas Gathering Systems.
  • As Chemical Injection Pumps in Downstream Oil and Gas Plants.


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