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PT Series

PT Series Air Driven High-Flow Liquid Pumps

The PT series of liquid pump are very high-flow liquid pumps.  They have a 250mm double acting air drive with a liquid end connected to each end of the air drive, making them almost twice as efficient as the PH series. They are capable of pressures in excess of 30,682 PSI / 2,116 BAR.

These pumps can be supplied with interconnecting tubing that connects both liquid inlets to a common port and both liquid outlets to a common port, making for a simple installation.

The ProTech Pump model number reflects the pump’s nominal pressure ratio, while the technical data indicates exact ratios. The outlet stall pressure is easy to set by adjusting the air drive pressure and by simply multiplying the pressure ratio by the air drive pressure, the nominal liquid pressure can be calculated.

High-Flow Liquid Pump Applications

PT pumps are generally used when more flow is required than that delivered by the corresponding PG or PGD series units.  An important application for this series of high-flow air driven liquid pumps is methanol injection and LPG transfer.

Air Driven, High-Flow Liquid Pumps - ProTech Pumps PT Series


  • Stainless steel wet end materials of construction
  • Specialised construction materials available
  • Polyurethane pressure seals as standard
  • UHMWPE, PTFE & other special seals available
  • Separation & drainage between hydraulic & pneumatic seals
  • No airline lubrication required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for most hazardous areas
  • Available as a complete packaged system (PP4) here


Model No.Actual RatioDisplacement per CycleMax Outlet PressureConnection Size Inlet/OutletPriceAvailabilityBuy
PT2225:133.54 cu in / 549.78 cc 3,001 psi / 207 BARG3/4" NPT / 3/4" NPT$5,493.90 ex taxNormally stocked
PT3540:121.46 cu in / 351.86 cc4,814 psi / 332 BARG3/4" NPT / 3/4" NPT$5,657.08 ex taxNormally stocked
PT6069:112.07 cu in / 197.92 cc8,294 psi / 572 BARG3/4" NPT / 1/2" NPT$5,956.25 ex taxNormally stocked
PT100100:18.22 cu in / 137.44 cc12,035 psi / 830 BARG1/2" NPT / 1/2" NPT$5,983.45 ex taxNormally stocked
PT150156:15.37 cu in / 87.96 cc18,777 psi / 1,295 BARG1/2" NPT / HF6$6,201.03 ex taxNormally stocked
PT180190:14.35 cu in / 71.25 cc22,866 psi / 1,577 BARG3/8" NPT / HF6$6,201.03 ex taxNormally stocked
PT220240:13.43 cu in / 56.30 cc30,682 psi / 2,116 BARG3/8" NPT / HF6$6,201.03 ex taxNormally stocked


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