PXD Series Air / Pneumatic Driven Liquid Pumps:

The PXD series of liquid pumps are double acting, single 100mm air drive units that are capable of pressures in excess of 11,000 PSI / 750 BAR. The ProTech Pump model number reflects the pumps nominal pressure ratio , while the technical data indicates exact ratios. The outlet stall pressure is easy to set by adjusting the air drive pressure and by simply multiplying the pressure ratio by the air drive pressure, the nominal liquid pressure can be calculated.

ProTech Air Driven Liquid Pump PXD Series side view 2


  • Stainless steel wet end materials of construction
  • Specialised construction materials available
  • Polyurethane pressure seals as standard
  • UHMWPE, PTFE & other special seals available
  • Separation & drainage between hydraulic & pneumatic seals
  • No airline lubrication required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for most hazardous areas
  • Available as a complete packaged system (ProPak) here


Model No.Actual RatioDisplacement per StrokeMax Outlet PressureConnection Size Inlet/OutletPriceAvailability
PXD910:19.9 cu in / 96 cc1,160 psi / 80 BARG0.5" NPT / 0.5" NPT$874.00 ex taxAssembled to order
PXD1516:15.94 cu in / 60 cc1,856 psi / 128 BARG0.5" NPT / 0.5" NPT$886.00 ex taxAssembled to order
PXD4045:11.32 cu in / 21 cc5,220 psi / 360 BARG0.5" NPT / 0.375" NPT$920.00 ex taxAssembled to order
PXD6064:10.92 cu in / 15.08 cc7,424 psi / 512 BARG0.5" NPT / 0.375" NPT$920.00 ex taxAssembled to order
PXD100100:10.60 cu in / 9.6 cc11,600 psi / 800 BARG0.5" NPT / 0.375" NPT$943.00 ex taxAssembled to order